Offroad tires "slick" race compound as they call it?

Whats the point of these tires?

I keep seeing in many cars, that they are equipped with “offroad” tires, but then again, they dont perform like if they are.
And something i dont understand. If i change my car tires from the stock ones to the slick race ones, shouldnt be the offroad ability (reflected in the “offroad” feature of the stats)
of my car INCREASE??? not the opposite around?? I just dont understand this. Happens everytime. Why im going to equip offroad tires if its going to be worst?

Or are the offroad tires only usable and useful when mixed with some specific parts??? or are they just broken, like everything else?

Offroad tyres are best tyres offroad, incl. dirt roads. With poor performance on asphalt.

If you put slicks on the car why would the offroad ability increase? It’s hard to read your writing.

Do you mean offroad tyres or do you mean slick racing tyres?

They are different.

There is a glitch currently that displays the slick racing tyres as an off-road compound.

It’s an obvious glitch. You’re not the first person to notice it. Relax.

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OOOOH… that kinda makes sense. I kept looking through my hypercars in my garage, and thinking… “WTF? Did I download a tune or something? How did I get dirt tires on my Lambo?”

Oh god. I was going crazy with this lol. Thanks for the clarification.

Really strange glitch really. Got confused when I first saw it. Hopefully it gets fixed soon