Official Weekly FH5 Livery Competition - Week 107

Gt: old clyde
Make: corvette 1960 chevrolet
Sc: 339 988 388

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Car: 2017 Acura NSX

Gamertag: K1Z Amemiya


Share Code: 180 532 017


GT: DKgt3
Car: 2005 BMW M3
LN: Hot Boii M3
SC: 651 100 603



Gt: Zw3ipac

Car: 73 BMW 2002 Turbo

Share Code: 130 919 929

File name : Eighteleven


Good luck to everyone!

Nice to see more Finns @Ted_Zombi and friends of long drink here :smiley: I had no idea Ken also liked it and had invested in it and also the stickers. But I guess the judges didn’t notice it when @NoDramaLama4909 took the W last week :shushing_face: Btw are you Lama also from Finland or you just happened to know that phrase :smiley:

Anyhow about them liveries. @FLX_36 I said your Z’s livery was one of my favourites last week so I’m rooting for you to get the win this week! Another Finnish friend @Lertzu96 's Porsches are looking clean with proper racing look. Is Leo Racing your own thing in Forza or something else? I also really like @MARVAN_ai 's '83 Golf. The livery style just matches the car perfectly.

Also have to mention @SYM_Castle Godzilla R34 because I’ve made almost identical looking Godzilla on R35 in NFS Payback :smiley: I don’t know if I’m allowed to post a link to a youtube video I’ve made of it. Would be cool to make a video or photoshoot with both of our cars but I’m just too lazy to recreate it in Forza, lol.


I made up the whole thing for reddit monthly challenge, so I guess it’s my own thing now. :smiley: I had made the lion decal for my M3 I posted not long ago so I altered that into a more emblem like decal.

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Thank you very much but i think this week there are many designs that deserve a win more than me like @JJsLL 's mk3 Supra or @SlowMotionFire 's Ford GT.
I love these competitions cuz there are always such great liveries that i wouldnt be able to find in game just by searching. Keep it up.


Yea the lion decal looks cool and professional. You should add it in all of your designs from now on :smiley: I didn’t know Reddit had a monthly challenge, I’ll go check it out.


Oh I’m not finnish, but my best friend is so I know a whole bunch of random words and phrases :sweat_smile:

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Soo many great liveries this week idk if i even have a chance among all these wonderful artists :sweat_smile: , but i really appreciate the you liked it :heart: , best luck for everyone :pray:.

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You’ll find it at r/ForzaLiveryHub. I don’t remember whether or not you were there already. And yeah I probably need to add the logo to my other cars now :smiley:

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Lion the national critter for england so rather fittin for a few cars

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Results week late
…that said aint got time to wait around anymore with forza incompetence later


Congratulations to the winners of Week 107! Please DM me with your prize car choice and confirm whether or not you’d like to see your work featured on our channels such as and Forza. We’ll also highlight winners in a future video. These designs will be featured in game through the fourth Friday in September.

Players can download these to use on your own car by heading to a Home or Festival Site Garage > Designs menu, then select Find New Designs, then search using the share code. On the search results screen you can choose to Favorite Design and also select Creator Info to see their Creative Hub and give the artist a follow.

101 794 232 :star: Enoo66 :star: Lexus LC 500 :star: “Toriyama lbworks” :star:

105 516 522 :star: JJsLL :star: Toyota Supra 2.0 GT :star: “Tomato Soupra” :star:

814 487 340 :star: marklew001 :star: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon :star: “Fire and Ice” :star:

573 068 021 :star: MARVAN Ai :star: Volkswagen Golf R ‘14 :star: "50’ anniversary" :star:

606 306 935 :star: MRHITZ12281 :star: Forsberg Nissan ‘Altimaniac’ :star: “Forza” :star:



Thank you :blush: :pray: :heart: , and congrats to everyone :partying_face::heart:


Congrats to the winners :trophy:

Lot’s of nice liveries overall but I have point out K1Z_Amemiya’s Acura even though it did not win.

Happy Easter everyone!


Thank you and well done to everyone, that was a really strong week!


Great choices

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Thx a lot and congrats to all who entered this week :pray::clap::clap:

Congrats to everyone, a lot of nice paint jobs. And a special thanks to “Enoo66” with his incredible work, my son and I are watching Dragon Ball Z and he likes to play Dragon Ball Z Fighter and when he saw his car I downloaded it and now he wants to play Forza with Goku´s car all the time

Thanks all!!!