Official Forza Motorsport community questions thread

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Now that we know drag racing and drift events won’t make it to the game at launch, I must ask: are there going to be any activities other than circuit racing? Can we at least expect Autocross? :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure the answer to this is no.

From the footage and dev discussion so far, ABS, TC and STM are exactly as they were in FM7. Generic assists to support lower skill drivers, rather than adjustable, modelled systems per their real life cars, available even in vintage cars etc.


Wasn’t questioning about adjustable assists, moreso an option that automatically turns on/off various assists (pre-race) depending on what car the player is driving.

In my opinion a player who wants authenticity shouldn’t have to look up or create a spreadsheet to know which cars have ABS and which don’t.

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Honest question: Does any other game even offer that kind of feature?

I feel that it would be exceptionally jarring to have to constantly switch driving styles and braking points for every different car I chose to drive.

R3E (Race Room Racing Experience) has it.
iRacing has it.
Automobilista has it.

What I would like to see:
An Option that enables the clutch+manual feature when the car has a clutch and disables it when the car has no clutch.
I see no advantage to drive a Ferrari 488 GT3 and need to press the clutch pedal every time I want to shift (which is done is this car with the paddles on the steering wheel)
On the other hand I want to use the clutch pedal when racing in a BMW E36 M3 because this car has an old school h-shifter.


How would someone with a wheel, but no shifter -only paddles- experience your proposed scenario then?

Presumably, the game should be able to detect the presence (or lack thereof) of a shifter attachment or appropriate pedal arrangement and automatically adjust the selection accordingly. If it’s plugged in, manual and clutch will be active. If it’s not, then just manual.

The very same way as it is done in other sims:
With an option where you can enable / disable the mentioned behaviour.

I have never played any other sim, other than a brief attempt at AC on Xbox which is horrid.

So, not sure if you intended the hostile tone in your reply, but it isn’t necessary. I genuinely do not know how other games handle such a feature and am curious how it would work.

Project cars was like that

Story progression in any mode in Forza Motorsport will be stored on Forza servers, requiring an internet connection

There’s nothing authentic about the assists in forza. Even if this option existed it would just make you uncompetitive in multiplayer lobbies. People like to hate on project cars but it had everything in 2017 that forza should have added by now. This is what happens when the creative directors of the game have no experience playing actual racing games. This is more of a rehash than a reboot because these types of features are in every one of their competitors games. But knowing them they dont feel as though they have competitors.


If there is triple screen support on PC will we be able to adjust the projection angles of the right and left screens, or will the center viewport be stretched to fit all screens again?


Will Forza Motorsport utilize DirectX 12 Ultimate functionality like DirectStorage 1.2 and Tier 2 VRS on PC and/or Xbox?

A: Forza Motorsport supports DirectStorage for CPU improvements when loading files to memory. This results in faster track loading. We do not use DirectStorage for GPU decompression.


how much storage space will the game Take on Xbox series S/X?


Recording telemetry has been mentioned for analysis

  • but how does realtime telemetry differ from FM7?

that is my question.

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please i beg of you, do not mix modern lmdh and lmh like the Cadillac V-Series.R with the 2000-2018 endurance prototypes in the same division


I will be buying from steam on PC.

I have played all the Forza and Horizon in the past and had an xbox live membership. But now I do not have an xbox live subscription, I still have the account just not a paid membership.

I currently still play FH5 on PC and do not have an xbox live membership. I just saw it said membership is required on the steam page. Just wondering about that before I buy the game.

A: Steam pre-orders opened on August 22 with our gamescom announcements. An Xbox account is required to play Forza Motorsport on Steam. This enables our cross-play and cross-progression features, as well as shared achievement unlocks.


I’m severely disappointed and can only assume the game will follow the same path.