Official FH5 Photo Competition - Week 033 / #ForzaHHM | Prizes for participation!

Welcome to the official weekly Forza Horizon 5 Photography Competition! This competition is open to all players.


Over the next four weeks we invite you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by sharing your photos and liveries related to the theme.

This week’s theme is Art & Textiles. We’re looking for photos capturing Mexican mural art as well as the festive decorations and props around Horizon Mexico. Cars are not required to be in or be absent from the photo - see how creative you can be!

In addition to our regular competition structure of selecting five winning to earn a reward car of their choice, all participants will also receive their choice of a locked Clothing item and car highlighting Horizon Mexico. (Look for details next week).

This week’s deadline is 2022-09-30T03:00:00Z (Thursday night Pacific time).

Judging will be done by Forza staff and winners will be announced on Wednesday October 5th


Use Photo Mode to save a photo in Forza Horizon 5, Share the photo so it’s visible to all players in game. We will consider all shared game photos via one or both methods:

  1. New photos: When saving your photo, enter the current code words in the Description field. This week’s code words for the description are PhoRev033 and ForzaHHM - please use both in the Description to help us find your photos in game. All photos with these code words will be found in search and considered. Posting in this thread is not required but we encourage you to add your photo to this thread so others can see it!

  2. Existing photos: Older or previously entered photos that do not come up in search will not be automatically considered entries; you must post them in this thread. You do not need to update the description in game. Reposting previous winning photos matching the theme is encouraged and we will include them for participation rewards. Be sure to include your gamertag and the Share Code of the photo (found in the Creative Hub > Photo Gallery or My Creative Hub menu).

Please use one post and include no more than 3 photos.

While you can nominate a friend’s work for consideration, if selected they must communicate their approval to be Featured or not.


You may submit more than one photo per week, with these caveats:

  • Only one photo per person will be eligible for selection among the five winners.
  • Winning users from Week 032are ineligible for selection among the five winners, but are eligible for participation awards.
  • You may not submit entries with multiple gamertag accounts.
  • All submissions and comments must adhere to Forza Enforcement Guidelines


  • The five winning photos are featured in game for one week in the game Creative Hub > Photo Gallery > Featured menu. (Featured photos can help generate activity to unlock Creative Accolades.)
  • Photos may also appear on our page.
  • All participants will receive a selection of locked Clothing and cars
  • The five judged winners will receive the participation reward plus a gift a car of your choice, not including DLC or Accolade-only cars. Exclusives and Hard-to-Find cars can be chosen. Winners are required to DM me (T10ManteoMax) with their choice.
  • Your photo may be shown during official Forza livestreams and potentially on other official Forza social channels.

My entries. I wanted to go with some kind of textile instead of the big murals (which are amazing), so I tried a couple of different lighting shots with these two rugs. Which do you like better?

775 094 669

513 345 099


Gamer Tag: Cpln89
Share code: 988 961 240


GT: SummeryDaisy445

SC: 172 681 829

SC: 491 468 440

SC: 663 915 872

And to Mr Prefect I say the first one is more dramatic :slight_smile:


Hi! These are my first ever entries, I’m well aware that this is more humorous than usual, but, you did asked us to be creative.

GT: DavidRSLopes

Title: GTiBedsideManner
SC: 320 572 443

Title: Sorry Señora
SC: 558 074 549

Title: Raul’s Mural GTi
SC: 686 846 702

Greetings from Portugal.


#PhoRev033 ForzaHHM
328 425 869


#PhoRev033 GT dyvacle SC 201-468-868 Art#1


#PhoRev033 GT dyvacle SC 936-612-171 Art#2


#PhoRev033 GT dyvacle SC 115-449-374 Art#3


Mi Piñauto Vocho
For your own amusement: Share Code 104 873 439


I’ve enjoyed seeing the photos entered in the game this week. There are many interesting perspectives. Here are my three.

Spaik - 162 029 719

Framed - 126 656 722

Subset - 176 763 639


I present my submission for #PhoRev033 #ForzaHHM

Gamertag: hipology8680

Share Code: 618 099 856


The floats are a form of art ?

and the statue ?


I thought about this for the next week, horizon stories…

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My offerings :slight_smile:

Sharecode 654 688 114

Sharecode 112 524 853

Sharecode 548 612 062


Impala vs Puma
119 729 688


Thank you all for your entries. Look for the winners announcement next week.

Check out the Week 032 winners just announced. Week 034 will be focused on the Stories in FH5 to conclude our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.