Nürburgring - More layouts

More nürburgring layouts?

After the addition of the Nordschleife, the Nürburgring has 4 layouts in the game:

But there’s more layouts available for this circuit:

See RacingCircuits.info for more info.
These layouts make use of roads that are part of the current scans, so they should be made available.
I hope these get added as more track layouts will lead to more variation in races!

There also is the Müllenbachschleife, but this layout doesn’t include a pitlane.

With 9 more layouts (that include a pitlane) possible, there’s a lot left here. Hopefully they introduce more layouts in the next update.

There also was the Sudschliefe, up until the 1960s. Clever and talented people have replicated it for PC games (Assetto Corsa I think) and a very basic version was in an early Gran Turismo, so it should be as feasible for Turn 10 as Maple Valley.