Hockenheimring - More layouts

Currently Hockenheimring has 3 layouts in the game:

  • Grand Prix Circuit (Full)
  • National Circuit
  • Short Circuit

But there’s more layouts available for this circuit:

See RacingCircuits.info for more info.
These layouts make use of roads that are part of the current scans, so they should be made available.
I hope these get added as more track layouts will lead to more variation in races!

I would like the 1966 layout without chicanes



Yeap, that would be a nice comeback, but also if now the OLD layout is almost part of the forest, there is data and even if not perfect, it would be nice to gìhave the Historic Circuit


I can confirm, it is not scannable:

For the construction of the new section, many trees had to be felled. To compensate the lost trees, the old circuit was demolished to plant new trees on the lot. This was the end of the charactaristic oval-shape of the Hockenheimring. Instead, an ultra modern compact circuit.
The old part through the woods is still recognizable because of the young trees. But after some decades, only the Jim Clark memorial will remember to the times that here one of Europe’s fastest race tracks ran through the forest.

Please add the Hockheimring Historical Track 1992-2001. The layout before 2002.

I mean just adding back the long straights and adding lots and lots of trees, is less work than creating a completely new race track.


I think a old layout is a good idea because of the old cars (like Auto Union Type D) that has been built for these tracks.
There is already the old LM for the old cars that has been built for long straights.
Why not at Hockenheim?