NSX Nostalgia

Hello Forza forum,
I was recently messing around with the 1992 Honda NSX in Forza 6. I test drove it around a few tracks and was getting ready to make a tune. Then, suddenly, the old honda theme from the original Gran Turismo popped into my head. Off to youtube I went to reminisce in some old racing game music. While listening to the track I noticed that some of the videos had the Honda dealer background. It is a dark picture with trees barely visible against a purplish background, and red tail lights of an NSX bleeding out.

After a bit of research as to the origin of this image I found out that it came from a Japanese Honda NSX brochure. Having never seen this picture, I started searching for NSX brochures and did not find much. So after a break I continued to look for this original picture. I found the 1997 Japanese Honda NSX Brochure. Looking through 40 or so pictures I had yet to find it until the very last picture I saw this.

I really like both of those pictures and saw that it was taken at the Nordschleife. So I decided to replicate both of these images on Forza 6 and came up with this.

NSX Rain

Forza 6 NSX Dealer Replica

I found this very interesting and felt like sharing. I hope you enjoyed the little story of my experience in tracking down some old racing game history. Take Care :smiley:

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Very cool!


I love the NSX! I would like to see T10 work with Acura to help them test the poor car in the game, as Acura is having a hard time zeroing on the right engineering solution for the hybrid system in the 2017 NSX. Built it and test it in Forza is what I say!!! Nice pics, by the way!!!


That is awesome, bro!! Never seen anybody doing such a thing!