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Hi Guys welcome to my Hondas gallery, im new here and im french canadian (just saying) I play forza since 2007 but I did not create an account on this forum because I didnt know it existed … I appreciate most of the guys work here and I just want to share some of my work too ! All your comments will be appreciate even the bad comments are welcome . I have most of my pictures taken from forza horizon 2 ( will probably start a topic on these too) but I started to do some other shots on forza 6 so im posting my recent photo and will update in the future if the work is appreciate :slight_smile: Thanks

For those who don’t know what the kanjo culture is (kanjozoku) I invite you to watch this short video from some guys in Japan The Kanjozoku: Osaka's Infamous Street Racers - YouTube

Lets start with this bone stock civic EK9 I made a kanjo design on it took me almost 8 hours just to perfect it

Also my instagram is @Parade__ You can see my actual car in real life 93 civic coupe (EJ1)


My kanjo EP3

Acura RSX ( not a honda but honda guys know it is )

Temple Racing

FF Integra DC2 Battle

Kanjo EK9

Will post more forza 6 work in the next week , I wanted to share some of my horizon 2 work too ! dont know if its appropriate but needed to lol ( tell me plz if its not correct to do that I will remove them )

GGM Inspired CRX ( GAVIN GARDENER MOTORWORKS) for those who followed is crx4door video on YT ( not much people know this guys )

and Another one

^I really like those three!

And I can pretty much guarantee you won’t get any bad comments, the people here are all awesome :wink: Welcome to the forums!

This is awesome!

Nice thanks for the good comment guys Korniis95 and nights viper !! I really appreciate it I will post more forza 6 work in the next week im just a little busy on my real car lol I can post some other old h2 pic

Here you go

Kanjo Lifestyle

I know The pictures are not the most realistic … but its just to share the hard work I put on my livery on each cars. I got more than 6000 ++ hours of play in forza horizon 2 most of the time just to perfect some designs

More recent forza 6 work

That last shot from the latest set is my favorite

+1! looks good :slight_smile:

Thanks Korniis95 and Gamerblades :smiley: ! Got few more forza 6 pic coming tonight just need to upload them

the latest

Nice close ups, and the last shot is cool.

I like the idea behind this shot.

There are some really cool shots here, keep up the good work!