Not Recieving Credits

On the 18th of September I started playing FM6. After I played the first Race in Brazil, you should get some Forza Rewards, right? Well basically I’d got to Tier 6/7 so I got the Tier Cars, but not my Credits. I think I would’ve got at least a million, as my friend got 16.1 million. My Gamertag is xX W4TT5 Xx with the spaces if that helps. Thanks in advance.

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Forza 6 loyalty rewards depending on how many cars you had in FM3, FM4, FH1, FM5 and FH2 at the time you launch FM6 for the first time.

Maximum is a bonus of 25.000.000 CR …

You can check your car count inside the reward page under friend compare.

Did you have enough cars on the 18th in any of these games ?

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