Loyalty Rewards

I Purchased Forza 6 ultimate on the Xbox live store and I’m missing the following :
Forza Motorsport 4: 2009 Ford Focus RS
Forza Motorsport 5: 2013 Ford Shelby GT500
Forza Horizon 2: 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Shelby
Tier 2: 2015 BMW M235i
Tier 3: 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition
Tier 4: 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe
Tier 5: 2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
Tier 6: 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
Tier 7: 2014 Ferrari #62 Risi Competizione 458 Italia GTLM
Forza Motorsport 5 VIP: 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari
Forza Horizon 2 VIP: 2011 Koenigsegg Agera
Car collector rewards=
I didnt receive about 17 million from the following amounts:
FM3=350 car bonus
FM4=450 car bonus
FM5=400 car bonus
Horizon 1 = 200 car bonus
Horizon 2 = 200 car bonus

I apologize in advance as I messaged a community team member already , though I wasn’t sure if he periodically checks the updates

Good luck getting a response. I posted 4 days ago. Messaged 3 Turn 10 employees, and asked their Twitter with no response or similar topic commented on by an employee. Find something out, let me know. Here’s my post: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst41039_Tier-Cars-and-CR-GONE.aspx

Hello! So i know that if you own more than 300 cars on Previous forza’s you will get 5mlls crs, i do have more than 300+ cars one this games -FH2- and -FM5- yet i havent recived one single penny… Is there a way to redeem them? Or do i just wait?

You should have got an ingame message in your message center.

Have you checked them?

Other possible issue: You’re not a Rewards-Member, since it shows that you have 0 Forza points.

Never received my credits for this either.

Ok, I have restarted the game all over because when i played it earlier this morning i wanna see what it look like and i deleted my save so i can play it right now from scratch and that im wide awake. On my second play through i have notice that it didn’t say that i was a veteran and turn 10 or Microsoft studios have gave me some car gifts and credits. After I did my very first race and quit and see if its in my car list or in my messages to see if its in there and there were nothing. Do you know how i can get the gifts again? or i shouldnt have deleted my save earlier this morning and i dont get those gifts anymore after the first play through?

Got over 300 cars in fh 1 & 2 and fm 5. Still I only got 11.2 million credits. What’s up with that? Please Turn 10, don’t make buying all those fiat 500s a waste of time :confused:

Im Having a problem with receiving my Royalty credits from Fh2. After i bought Fm6 from the xbox market place i then proceeded to fulfill the requirements for the 5 million credits that i should receive on Fm6. But after i completed the requirement and then started Fm6 and finished the race on Rio i didnt receive the 5 Million credits, instead i got 1.2 million. Currently have 304 cars in my FH2 Garage Turn 10 Please Help!

I know a lot of people are having issues with this so here’s the short story. I only buy cars as I need them so I only had over 300 in FM4. I bought over 300 in all four other games with FM5 and FH2 being the first two on the same day and those totals were reflected in a day or two last week. I had also bumped up FM3 and FH1 to 200+ cars about that same time and eventually that amount reflected on the hub as well. Then, last Monday or Tuesday I bumped both of those games to over 300 as well and FM3 reflected on the hub on Wednesday, but FH1 didn’t. I realized I had played a little more FM3 beyond the car buying so I went back to FH1 and raced a few races, joined an online lobby, checked the paint shop , did some 1000 club challenges etc. Last check on Friday before I left for spinal cord surgery (which thankfully went well) was that the hub still showed me receiving 21 million credits. When I got back from the hospital the hub no longer showed the stuff you would get in FM6, I guess because I bought the Ultimate and DLC was reflected as having been earned already so I checked on the rewards site when you compare yourself to friends and it showed I had 335 cars in FH1 (I actually have 309) so I went ahead and fired up FM6.

Lo and behold I still received 21 million credits instead of 25. In the grand scheme of life it’s not a big deal, especially considering what I could be dealing with after surgery, but it would be nice if I could get that extra bonus if Turn10 decides look into the rewards issues. Everything else seems to be accurately reflected and I still received rewards in FH1 this last go round.

Same thing has happened to me, loaded the game on the 10th and only got 21mill. I definitely have more than the required car count for each game, however one or two of them does have duplicates. Maybe this is the reason why.

Good luck with the recovery from the surgery by the way :slight_smile:

I only received 2 million credits and I Have 300 plus cars in most all of the games, and the games I don’t have 300+ cars I have over 200.

Same problem for me. I have 300+ in FM3 and FM4 but only received 6M CR. Should have been 10M. Nowhere in the loyalty details does anything mention duplicate or auction purchase cars not counting towards your bonus totals.

C’mon T10! Give us our fake monies!

I’m a bit concerned. 2 weeks ago I had 10mil in the forza hub for Forza 6, since then I have bought a ton of cars so I just checked the hub expecting to see around 20mil in there waiting for the release tomorrow; but I only have 100k? Maybe even though I don’t have the game yet the credits have already gone into my Forza 6 game (even though I don’t get it until release date tomorrow 18th and have not played the game yet)

More details please. And please be sure you’ve read the READ ME thread at the top of the forum.

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I have over 300 cars on FH2 and Over 200 in F5,F4,F3

but i didn’t receive the money for these challenges in F6.

Any ideas how to get it???

Hello I got the forza 6 ultimate edition so I had the 5 days early release , and I was expecting to receive my reward for having over 300 cars on fh2 and yet till this date have I received any cr for it. Is something wrong and if so is there anyway to get if fixed ?? What if I showed proof that I have 300 cars could turn 10 give me the reward ? Who do i contact I really want that cr which would really help me out in the game . Thank you in advance

I’ve had the same problem.
5 mil from Forza 5
400k from Horizon 2
Both have 300 + car garage

Trust me I tried everything yet nothing . How can I live chat?

Do you have 300 cars in the Xbox1 version of Horizon 2 or the 360 version? 360 version does not count towards rewards

still haven’t got it other people are complaining aswell