No VIP bonus on spins?

In Horizon 2, having VIP not only gives you whatever prize you win for each spin, but also an extra bundle of CR.

In Forza 6, vehicles have a CR amount listed under them (that doesn’t always seem to be their actual price), yet winning them only gives the car, not the CR too.

Seems like a pretty lame change to the system, and makes VIP seem even less valuable than it already is.

FYI, I have confirmed that my regular VIP bonus is working on races.

I believe the CR amount under the cars is what you get if you already own the car - not an additional bonus for VIP.

Wondering myself.

Yes, that is correct from what I have experienced. If you ALREADY have the SPIN car, they give you the credits underneath. Lame though that H2 has the bonus points…FM6 doesn’t.

Again, more GOOD content, removed. Unless we will get VIP XP on the 15th…

You get extra VIP credits for each race, next to the base credits it will say VIP Credits. That is the VIP bonus