Do VIP affect wheelspins?

Does anyone know if VIP affect wheelspin ?

or what does VIP do ?

VIP gives you
different contests, rivals, more credits/xp from races, you also get a symbol by your name.

I have no idea about spins, but i wouldn’t think so

you received double credits on wheelspins in Horizon 2 by having VIP

if you won a car they also paid you the value of the car in credits, im hoping this is similar in forza 6 but it wont be the end of the world if its not.

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Good question but, we got to wait till Sept 10th to start hearing from early birds or if official reviews are allowed to be released a couple days before the 10th by reviewers with the game now.

Well VIP status leads to more XP per race, so in a way, it affects spins by making them quicker to obtain.

I can’t say for sure how big the XP boost is, but I believe in FM5 it was x2.

I think you’re mistaken in this - VIP in FM5 doubled your credits for leveling up, but didn’t change CR or XP payouts on a per-race basis.

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I knew it was double something, ignore my idiocy

In Forza 5 VIP status gave you extra cars that were gifted to you several times during the years. Probably 5 or 6 cars and usually with a very nice paint job as well. This is in addition to the other items listed above.