No tier 12 Rewards

I have seen numerous threads popping up about this for the past several months, and in fact I have posted in multiple threads myself and yet nothing seems to get done.

If I have reached Forza rewards tier 12 when can I realistically expect to start receiving these tier 12 Rewards? When that happens will I retroactively get the difference between tier 11 and tier 12 for every week that it’s been delayed?

This is an entirely artificial problem created by the handing out of rewards for tokens that were not actually purchased. This should be a fairly easy, straight forward fix.

Please do something about this Turn10.

You won’t get credit for rewards you didn’t get. I was Tier 11 getting Tier 10 credits for a while. I eventually got enough points to start getting Tier 11 credits each week but didn’t get make up credits for the time I was Tier 11 and only getting the credits a 10 should get.

Now I’m Tier 12 getting Tier 11 credits. I’ve posted what I think the problem is and if I’m right I’m not sure I can even get to the point of earning Tier 12 credits.

I’m pretty sure the problem is that they gave everyone the points for tokens for the prior games. But the system that gives the credits doesn’t recognize that you have those points. So, while I think I have 20,815 points in my case, Forza 4, Horizon 1 and Forza 5 had 950 points for tokens. So the system really only sees me as having 19865. So, without playing Apex, I need to get 35 more points from where I am. And that’s assuming I had all the points for paid DLC from the other games which they also added on. And I’m sure I didn’t. So, if I get every point available in FM7 I still won’t actually be getting the Tier 12 credits due.

No amount of waiting will get you the proper credits. You just have to play enough to earn the points that it doesn’t recognize you have. It is potentially impossible for many like me to ever actually start getting the right number of credits without them fixing it.

Somehow making sure Forzathon doesn’t give you credit for laps by rewinding across the start finish line is more important than this. I choose that because it was one of the listed bug fixes in the recent DLC and it is a totally trivial thing.

There was a post in the Rewards thread last week about it

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Thanks Talby.

I had not seen that yet. Been kinda in and out and not on too much. Glad it will be fixed soon, hopefully.

The ways it’s set up now, even if I wanted to go buy tokens to earn those points it wouldn’t do any good. Short of Apex, there aren’t that many more points I can earn (not including the points from tokens)

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