No Skill Songs and Barn Finds?

I’m having this weird problem with my FH3, Skill Songs were never introduced to me and I also don’t receive any Barn Find rumors. I’ve expanded the festival to 3/4 locations and have them at 1/3/1 upgraded. Also I’ve been playing for around 5 hours, completed 5 bucket list challenges, found all bonus boards, discovered 288 roads, unlocked 5 perks (all of them in the Festival Boss tab) and completed 2 showcases total. On the other hand I keep receiving locations for my drivatar lineup all the time, every 30 minutes after beating the previous one.

I regularly hard reset my Xbox One so this is not fixing it. I fear this was caused by me starting the game for the first time while it was still being installed, which I know isn’t recommended but I wasn’t certain I’d make the deadline for the S14.

So what should I do, reinstall the game or worst case scenario, start over? I’d rather not lose all my loyalty cars, the Warthog and the S14 but I’ll get over it there’s no other way.

Skill songs are unlocked via the skillpoints as for the barn finds i have no idea why that would be

Have you completed at least two exhibition races at your second festival site? Based on first hand experience and what I’ve seen from various Lets Play videos on YouTube, that seems to be what triggers the first barn find prompt. From the sounds of things, it doesn’t look like you’ve progressed far enough in the game yet.

Can’t comment on the Skill Songs, as I rarely play with the in-game radio on. If you’re not doing this already, stick to one station and just drive about. Was also under the impression there was a perk somewhere that reduces the time in between skill songs, so may be worth getting that one as well if you haven’t already. Hopefully that works out for you.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try to do some more races this evening and see what happens. It seams weird though, I’ve seen some VintageBeef videos and by the time he unlocks the second showcase (the one with the train) he already has a barn find on his map, and I’m already past that point. I can’t recall but I think my festivals are level 2 at Byron Bay, level 3 at Surfers Paradise and level 1 at the Outback, which is one of the last things I’ve unlocked. I must have done at least 10 exibitions and 1 championship by now. All of this is from memory as I haven’t played since Sunday, but I’ll double check it this evening.

I’m sure I read that the prompt for the barn finds was to create your first exhibition blueprint, and that they won’t begin appearing until you do this. I was prompted to do it by Keira on one of the first races after unlocking the second festival (the outback for me) if I recall correctly. Skill song may be related to that too.

I’m absolutely sure I’ve already done that, I have the achievement “The Architect” which confirms it. I don’t know why this doesn’t trigger the barn find.

OK, I got the Barn Find to trigger after completing the first race after I unlocked the Outback festival. One skill song appeared shortly after unlocking the first perk in the Skills tab. Thanks for the help guys, I was starting to worry.