Have I Done Enough To Unlock The Barn Finds Yet?

Hi all,

As the thread title suggests, I’m not quite sure whether I’ve done enough to unlock the barn finds yet. I’ve sunk 15 hours into the game and, whilst I haven’t fully seen everything there is to do (I haven’t even unlocked the Club functionality yet!), I have completed a fair bit:

  • All Level 1 & 2 Byron Bay events and PR challenges
  • Two street races, with one more head-to-head to win before the next two are unlocked
  • All roads discovered
  • All bonus boards smashed
  • Two bucket list events, four PR stunts (three three-stars, one two-stars) and one exhibition race at my Level 3 Outback site
  • The first two showcases (Penhall vs Jeep and Camaro Z28 vs train)
  • Just opened a festival in Yarra Valley

Normally, I’d continue playing the game to find out, but I’ve seen quite a few people on the Xbox One support forums stating they haven’t had the barn find rumour pop-ups yet (despite, it seems, making far more headway into the game than I have). As a result, I’m a bit apprehensive about continuing my current playthrough of the game - I don’t really want to devote more hours into FH3, only to find out later that I’ve no chance of completing it without scrapping everything I’ve done so far and going back to square one.

So, to wrap up my query: Have I done enough to start triggering the barn find rumour prompts?; Should I have started being notified of them by now? and Will I need to re-install the game and/or delete my current save data and start again from the very beginning?

I’d be very much appreciative of any tips and assistance. :slight_smile:

Iif I remember right, I unlocked first barn find after 3-4 festival extensions so just keep going and you’ll be there.

IT should have popped up by now. Hard reset your Xbox One and then restart game to see if that helps. I had to hard reset to get some stuff going in my game. It’s a bit hit and miss this one.

They pop up after the second festival expansion. Keep playing the story; it’ll pop up.

Cheers for the responses. As I said earlier, they’re all very much appreciated.

I’ll carry on playing through the story mode. Have been watching a few Lets Plays, and have noticed the first barn find rumour prompt only appears to pop up upon completing two exhibition events at the second festival site. Since I’ve only done one so far, I’m hoping this is the reason why I haven’t triggered it yet.

Fingers crossed it works after I’ve done the second exhibition race! And, again, many thanks for the replies.

Seems a bit strange, I’m not sure what I did to trigger them, but I found the whole lot in less than a week, I’m only tier 5.

Can happily report that, yes, the reason why I hadn’t seen a barn find rumour prompt when I made my original post was because I hadn’t done enough of the main races. Upon wrapping up my second exhibition event at my second festival site, the pop-up for the first barn find appeared.

It also seems that at least some of the barn finds are specifically linked to what events you complete. I’ve only done PR stunts, another showcase event and festival upgrades since doing the second exhibition race, and I’ve managed to unlock two more barn finds (won’t spoil them, in case anyone reading this hasn’t got them yet and wants them to be a surprise) that don’t feature in other Lets Play videos that focus primarily on completing races.

Then again, I’m only at 12% progress and only have access to 1/5 of FH3’s barn find cars, so I’m probably not qualified just yet to definitively state what the requirements are for each vehicle. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

I think the barn finds are mostly related to driving in freeroam and collecting previous barn finds. At the beginning I unlocked the 2nd festival site and focused on boards, roads, skill building and PR stunts. Whenever a restauration was done I picked up the car and continued my exploration tour. I hardly did exhibitions and championships and still, the barn finds just rolled in.

Maybe they are connected to your fan numbers. PR stunts give tons of fans. By completing all PR stunts in private Online Freeroam with 2 or 3 stars, I was able to unlock all festival sites and expand em to level 5 and do every showcase (which give another huge fan-boost). To that point I had cleared just about 15-20% of the exhibitions and championships but had all the barn finds together.