No paddle shift animations

In cockpit view for cars with paddle shifters the hand animation will move for up or down shift but the actual paddles behind the wheels do not move. Why has this been downgraded from Forza Horizon 4 where the paddles were animated to move and some even had a small clicking noise when used, was this an oversight?


*I am on xbox series x and playing in quality mode

This was one of the first things I noticed. I made a topic about this yesterday which I can’t find now.

But yes, why are there no paddle shift animations? I also would like to know if this is by design or an oversight/bug. Considering they went and put them in for Forza Horizon 4 I really don’t understand why they wouldn’t be there in this.

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the overall cockpitview animation in the game is very bad.
on nearly all cars the handanimation glitch through the steeringwheel…

i already started a thread about that

but since nearly 99% of players use 3rd person cam… nobody will notice all the bad handanimation in cockpitview

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not sure where you’re getting that 99% number, I think that chase cam is best for racing, but cockpit definitely has its place and the game is insanely immersive with cockpit cam and hud off, but the cars with large paddles that now aren’t animated is pretty obvious and hard to unsee haha

They have fixed shifting animations in the past, like the toyota AE86 stick shift crotch grab when it was brought to FH4,

I really hope this is a simple fix and not something that was removed from FH4 to FH5

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Yeah heaps of cars either have none or just glitch out. Iv noticed the 98 supra has no animations at all, also none of the formula drift cars have any.

Looked this up to see if anyone else noticed this as well, and I’m glad I was not the only one. It’s perplexing why this would be absent from 5 as the effort was already spent on animating 4’s relevant cars which, in large part, seem to be ported over to 5 as part of its roster. I hope this gets addressed.

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same as the wheel animations…they just do not seem to care :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Following up, I have submitted a ticket, and hope that others do as well

Were paddle shift animations and sound left out on purpose for other assets? I would love to hear from a dev or someone to say if there is any chance of this being fixed or just another small detail lost and add it to the pile of car inaccuracies that are never addressed

It’s just sad to go from the same car in FH4 to FH5 and a cool detail is missing, why the downgrade

I already sent one and they said its in the list of known bugs but i don’t see it in the list??

Would be nice some explanation

has this been fixed?

Great overall so far from what I’ve played but not really scratched much of the surface yet. One of the first things I did notice though was that the paddles don’t move when you change gear. The hands move but not the paddles. Is this by design? They were implemented in Horizon 4.

I really hope this is being implemented. Any info on this?

1st November 2023 I don’t think it’s getting patched :pensive: