No online adventure with HotWheels DLC?


Just a quick question, which I haven’t been able to google myself for whatever reasons…

If I want to start an online adventure (or any kind of multiplayer) within the HotWheels DLC, FH3 keeps asking me
“are you sure you want to travel back to the mainland?”.

Well… actually no, but I have no choice if I want to start an online adventure.

I have seen other players encountering the same “problem”… but no solution so far, but there ARE players out there
playing HotWheels multiplayer so… what has to be done to get in a HotWheels online race?


You need to start it from within the Hotwheels tab, not the normal campaign tab!


are you clicking on online adventure from under the hot wheels tab or just the regular tab
if you want Hot wheels online adventure it must be done from the Hot Wheels tab, regular tab will take you to the mainland(Byron bay)

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FH3 and its usability issues… .Thanks a bunch to both of you!!!

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