No ghost league?

Is there seriously no ghost league or regular collision league next week? Just the Racing Championship? Not all of us want to do that and you have room for all 3 since Nascar and Porsche are dead anyway. Disgusted if this is a case. How bout you post what is going in the forum so we know. Not even a league topic last week. Just a ploy to get everyone doing the contest. I hope they just aren’t up yet or you are gonna have a lot of pissed off people.


So no one gives a damn, thanks a lot guys, if enough complained they might actually do something. Have fun getting wrecked in the SW1 league. A mod here could have told us this, I want some answers this is not right. What about next week? Will there be no leagues until this is finished? Why is everything a secret? it is a year old video game.

A year old game with a year old reminder: forum moderators don’t necessarily influence or know what the developers are going to put into their game until it’s been announced or appears in the game.

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Is there a better avenue to deliver these complaints?

well I don’t know who else to ask. What send an email to the junk pile they are never gonna read or too late like in a month?. I asked Triton as well

I would make better sense for Turn 10 to tell the moderators what is going on. Turn 10 should put a better effort into letting the moderators know what us happening with the game. Than we won’t have to make complaints like this where they do not belong but there is no other alternative. You can send them email but it will be a long time before it is read and probably never answered. It would have been nice to know whether or not and for how long the regular weekly leagues will be suspended.