No free cars from DLC?

I preordered F6 and got the 3 DLC packs for FH2.

The packs show in game and everything, but all of the included cars have a credit cost associated, even though you are supposed to get a 1 time free addition to the garage. With previous car packs they showed as “Free” for the first purchase and then showed credit cost after.

I’ve tried reinstalling the DLC, and hard resetting the Xbox, but they still aren’t showing as free.

Am I missing something?

You might just have to wait a little bit. Sometimes it does take that hard reset and a little bit of time to register.

On another note, what’s the total car purchase value? If you get 2.1 million credits in monthly rewards or whatever that absurdly large amount is now you can probably buy them all for the rewards money alone and not lose a credit from the bank.


I decided to just wait and see if it has fixed itself tomorrow, hopefully it has.

I didn’t actually total them out but it looked to be easily over a million credits. I used to get 400k from rewards, but I just hit tier 7 so I’m not sure what I get now. I’m sure with time I’ll have enough but it’s kind of a bummer not to get them like the rest of the packs.