No duplicate wheelspin cars?

Apologies in advance if this has already been answered but can someone confirm for me that cars won in wheelspins are NOT added to your garage?
I have had 2 incidences where I won a car I was sure I already had but never got an option to sell it
nor was it greyed out like the duplicated clothing, dance and horn rubbish.

I have had all cars added. Had four of those BMW M5 FE at one point. You can’t get duplicate dances or horns. They simply stop appearing after they have unlocked, same goes for all except legendary clothing.

Only duplicate FE cars go to your garage. Others don’t.

No, they all do. I had to remove several Sciroccos from my garage.

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I’m not going to say for sure there’s no Wheelspin duplication until I test it more, but I have plenty of duplicate cars I know I didn’t buy. I’m fairly sure you can get duplicate regular roster cars without any notification that you already own the car.

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OK Cool, thanks guys :+1:

I’ve definitely won 2 versions of three or four cars now, they go straight to the garage with no option to sell other than using the auction house.

Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciated :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

So, I don’t constantly check my garage for duplicate and triplicates, generally waiting until I build up skill points to strip them and dump them.
But if my garage is full, did I waste a spin?
Should there be a warning that pops up telling you the garage is full, delete more Sprites so you can win another one or something?
And how about a multiple delete button so we can select all the junk and be done with it at once?
Same applies to the clothes, I already have 90% of them, so the wheel spin gives me yet another Unicorn shirt, but I already have one. Wasted spin.
And since the prize is already predetermined,sitting o them does no good either. I still got the same problem, are they all just wasted time now? If so, can we just delete them?