No credits after 50 lap highway circuit

Hi all, anyone experiencing no gain of credits after 50 lap highway circuit? i also did a 10 lap and same, nothing! My credits are exactly the same after the circuit as before. I get all the xp and points but not credits. anyone know why?

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Sucks to be you. You might need to earn credits the old fashion way by playing the actual game

You used autosteer? Then yeah they “fixed” some “exploit” or better prevented players like you from abusing gamefeatures.

Other thing is if this prevents ppl without autosteer from getting money with real 50 laps than it suxx

No one in their right mins would actually do 50 laps of Goliath without autosteering on lol.

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No but they might do a 10 lap one. A fix that stops players getting money isn’t really a fix. I wouldn’t allow that fix if I was in charge of Playground Games. But if the fix were to check that autosteer is turned on then I would allow it. I would limit Autosteer to 3 laps, and it would be 3 laps per four hours on each track, and turned off for Seasonal Events.


I’m fairly sure they have just nerfed everything that is a longer race.

With unbeatable, all driver aids off and beating the 11 other DT’s, XP it seems to cap out ~15 minutes. A 40 min race gives you ~15% more XP than 15min.

I find it weird, I didn’t notice that.

These AFK races only do something now for the interested player if they want to farming skill points during the race. I tried a 50 lap goliath after the patch and got the exact amount of xp as doing a three round goliath without auto steering or braking. And I got about the same skill points as I have to use a S2 998 tune for the AFK race and did the tree laps with the same car but with an X999 tune.

So these highway races only do sense if you want to bunker some skill points as you get almost 10 per round. For money or xp it would be a poor choice.

I suppose the workaround would then just be to do 1 lap race afk of goliath… a x999 car will do it in less than 11 minutes.

…and keep on doing it over and over…

don’t tell playground games - no fear of them finding out cos they dont come on this forum at all HAAHHAHAHA!!!

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