No business, daily payouts since ban

Hi Turn10!

I got a 30 days ban in FH4 on 18th Jan.

OK, online activities are disabled, but since that I don’t get any business payouts, nor daily payouts. I completed some stories, businesses in the game, but still nothing.
Is this a normal game behaviour during the ban period? I thought we still can use offline activities in the game.
Will it work again after ban expires?

Thanks for the info!

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Hallo, is there somebody? I think my question is not against any rules. Please, could somebody answer my question? Thank you.

You’re question is related to a ban. Bans are not discussed on the forums.
Log a support ticket!
I am in no way affiliated or employed by playground games or Turn 10.

Link for support ticket;

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The question contrasts the specific experience of a ban, with a request for clarification about how bans, generally, should work. As such, its not off topic as answers and discussion are for the general, not specific, case.

You are forced offline so you won’t get any messages too. That’s why you are not receiving your payouts. Don’t worry everything will turn normal after the lif.

Any mention of bans usually results in thread locked. I was merely replying as nobody had and i steered him in the direction of support while doing so.

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So the support staff should handle simple questions like this too? Like they don’t have enough work with ordinary stuff. Also the word ban is not a taboo. You can discuss general stuff about ban, it is not against the rules.

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I was the first person to reply to try and help and all i’m getting is unnecessary grief from you. Maybe if you’d commented first, i wouldn’t have to!
Just a thought.


Sorry if I sounded offensive. It was not my intention. If I saw it earlier I would have answered before. It is just that we direct everybody to submit tickets even if there is no reason to do so. :wink:

Thanks to all of you for your help!

If the problem won’t be solved until Feb-18, I’ll submit a ticket. I think my question was a general question, and people shouldn’t raise a ticket for such problems. This is why the forum exists, to talk about things. It’s related to a ban, of course, but my question was particularly related to the payouts. I thought you get payouts offline as well, as these are offline events, no internet is mandatory for these to complete. So for me it seemed independent from online/offline status. But we’ll se after ban expires. Once again, thanks for your help!

I was banned for a month too. Everything went back to normal once I got out. However you should check any livery or tune you shared before. Maybe you will have to share them again.