No AI Liveries in Free Play (1604508)

While this hasn’t worked since FM5 (where I started), for some reason there is still a toggle in Free Play to show Drivatar designs… Please fix or give us the option to import liveries for the grid (a la Gran Turismo 7)

Short clip:

Never had this issue before FM23, but anytime you do a free play race with cars that are the same make and model, those will always spawn in the exact same color. Whereas before they’d spawn in any number of the factory colors options available to that car. This means if you do one make races, the entire field will be one color other than your car, which is extremely boring to look at.

This is so frustrating, particularly given that a) it works just fine in career races, and b) the career is so limited, pushing offline players even more towards free play. Really hope it gets fixed asap. Can’t believe anyone want to race again at 23 identical yellow Formula Mazdas or 23 grey Mini Coopers…



I can only hope we get fix for this soon.

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Seems like it should be easy enough to have 4 or 5 alternate colors for the Formula Mazda to mix up the AI :person_shrugging:

I wish they would give us some liveries to choose from for each AI car in the race.

I’ve seen the same thing.

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Here also, i am on the other hand jealous about yout trees, this is how it looks by my game (Xbox series x)


What the actual [ ] is going on with your game? Hahaha I can’t believe how buggy this game is

Not sure why my topic was merged into this, because I have custom liveries off in my free-play races…