Nissan GTR

Hi, i like to ask, why is the GTR 2017 slower than the older version?

Is that the same in real life or just something they made up in the game?

Isn’t one of them a Horizon Edition?

Only one of them and both are faster …

What constitutes “faster” to you? Faster stock, with upgrades, faster in a straight line, faster on a track…?

With upgrades it has lower stats. HP etc… than the old.

because forza logic thats why


Probably balancing.

Dodge Charger with Hemi can push 900+ bhp. Cuda and Challenger barely get to 800. It’s the same engine! :smiley:

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Yeah, balancing has something to do with it or they just put in random numbers as the top net horse power or pulled numbers out of a hat lottery style lol. But unless you are doing boring standing mile builds like 95% of the people on Horizon 3 who cares if it has a hundred more horsepower really. Learn to tune it to handle and actually race in something other that a straight line.