Night race with drivatar using car without lights

I made a “terrible” mistake: in career mode I tried to use the #4 Audi 90 in the Le Mans night race. Couldn’t see a thing once I was in the forest. Switched to another car with lights.

Only then I noticed a completely dark car silhouette in the mirror: it was a drivatar using a #4 Audi 90. He was overtaking me and drove a perfect line while he pulled away. He could see absolutely nothing but still was perfectly able to follow the road. Must have laser vision enabled. Or something else not available to me.

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Using the full driving line, that’s all. Not an issue.

I was thinking the same thing. If you have the Drive Line Assist turned on, you can drive anywhere in the dark whether your car has headlights or not, or if you crash and break them. Just follow the blue arrows around the track and you can drive as blind as a bat.