Drivatars can drive perfectly without lights at night

I was doing a free play race at Le Mans at night in an LMP1 car but 3 of the cars were Indy Cars. None of those cars have lights. Kinda unfair that they just drove right by me in my V12 LMR. Will this ever be fixed?

Whatever you call them and however you model their behavior the drivatars are still AI. They are a computer program that knows everything about the track before it even starts the race. Did you expect otherwise?


no. I expected that cars without lights would not be allowed on night tracks.

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Maybe if we got proper free play options, this problem would disappear on its own. hint hint



Shot fired and heard.

I just ca’t see where they’re coming from without headlights.

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Robots don’t need headlights.

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Turn on full racing line and you too can race the ring in the dark with no lights. It is actually kind of fun, I have almost made a full lap cleanly in the dark with no lights.

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Yeah it’s annoying and confusing that you can’t see them behind you, I spent two minutes racing my left wing mirror on Old Le Mans because it looked the front of a car out of the corner of my eye lol


needs to be fixed, we paid our money so fix it thanx!!

I have seen cars with no headligths in night multiplayer … this should be fixed …