Next car pack

Does anyone know when the next car pack comes out?

Guestimate: 1 complete car-pack between now and Christmas and another every car for VIP as well.

If tradition continues, first Tuesday of November. But seeing as the first Tuesday in November is Election Day, which is a legal holiday in some states in the US (Possibly WA, T10 HQ country), it may be put off until Wednesday (the 5th) or released the Monday before (the 3rd).

Next month …



Knock Knock Knock Gemma, Knock Knock Knock Gemma, Knock Knock Knock Gemma,



Anyone else notice a Ferrari in the GT series. I had assumed it was the F12, but that’s super GT. It looked a little like the 599GTO.

Its a California, a reward for buying the game in certain stores, like GAME

John mentioned in the ForzaFriday livestream that we’ll see a Guess the Pack Cars thread at the end of the week in advance of next week’s pack release.


That’s good to know I enjoyed Forza 5 dlc guessing game.

I agree. I enjoyed those. Very glad to hear that they’re coming back. I thought since there wasn’t one for the first car pack they’d be gone for FH2, but I’m glad to be wrong.

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I want a new town DLC i dont care about car


Election Day is not a Federal holiday in the US. Banks will be open and Wall Street will be trading, it’s a business day.

The car packs and other DLC tends to come out on the first Tuesday of the month with few exceptions. As to what time, it has generally ranged from around noon EST to about 4 o’clock EST, but don’t quote me on that.

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As why I said “some states.” It’s considered a state (public, civic, whatever you want to call it) holiday. I suppose being specific, people are granted time off of work to vote, but I would like to think most people just take the whole day off anyway. I wouldn’t know if Washington follows it, and/or if T10 does. We may see it Tuesday, we may see it Monday, we may see it Wednesday, it could be delayed or released early for some reason other than voting. We don’t know, and won’t know until we’re told.

On topic, I am looking forward to the next pack. Hope some of my car wishes are in there!

It’s a State Holiday in Illinois. Banks ans such are open, but state government facilities are closed, as are state contractors.

Also, on-topic, I suspect the next car pack may be the Community’s Choice Classics pack, mentioned erroneously here:

So, I’d expect that if I’m right, there will be a '70 El Camino SS454 in the pack. But, it may be a more distant pack, so I could be wrong.

Half of those cars are already in the game, so with the car packs being smaller for horizon it could well be i suppose. But with how long it takes them i’d think later rather than sooner.

Specifically, check the entry for the '70 Chevelle and you’ll see what I mean. Sorry, I should have been more specific.

The Community Choice Classics Pack was a car pack for Forza 3. It included the '70 El Camino. I suspect they accidentally copied the text from way back then somehow.

So fingers crossed that tomorrow we will get are first clues for November’s car pack.

Hopefully a s14

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