8-2015 Car Pack

Is there any news of us receiving more car packs, anywhere? I hope so. I’m still missing that one car I’ve needed since I purchased this game.

Nothing has been announced yet so all we can do is wait until August or until something is officially announced

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I hope there is at least one more pack since I still would like the 1969 Charger Daytona HEMI from the 360 version and there are also a good amount of people that want the 1986 Honda Civic Si. The other two 360 exclusive cars (Fiesta Zetech and Ferrari 250 GTO) I can do without since they are more or less duplicate cars. So I’m hoping for at least one more car pack. But since the first monthly car pack for FM6 is not coming out until October another pack for Horizon 2 in September would be nice also.

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From a timing perspective, it would fit perfectly to have one car pack for each of the 2 remaining 360 exclusive cars – one for August and one for September – taking us right up to the release of FM6. One can only hope!


Indeed, my friend. And, I would love to see H2 supported even into the FM6 release. Lastly, mods can edit or delete if this is too wish-y but I so badly need the Ferrari 512 Testarossa in the H2 setting. I’m surprised it never made it. It was one of the few cars I looked for before buying the game.

Aye, one of my favourite Ferarris.

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also sorry if i’m contributing to the wishlistiness, but that’s the exact car i’m waiting on as well

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I prefer the far chase view, so for me, lots of times a car is only as beautiful as it is from behind, and i think the previously mentioned car has one of the coolest looking back ends of all time.

86 Civic! 69 Daytona!



Well, there is a Horizon Tuesday stream scheduled for next Tuesday, which also happens to be the first Tuesday of August, and Turn 10 has yet to say that monthly packs for FH2 are finished, so you never know.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s also the first day of gamescom, where turn10 will be showing off (and hopefully revealing more about) FM6. Not that I think that that has any particular bearing on FH2 DLC, just a lot to look forward to

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I think, this is just my opinion, they will end all DLC with the 1000 point club DLC like the first FH. This would be a nice last DLC for this game plus gives you lots to do.
But hey, I welcome more DLC if the end isn’t near, would welcome continuous DLC until FH3.

I kinda agree with continuous expansions packs for FH2, after all it generates good game revenue for T10 and Microsoft. Look at the way EA panders to racing anticipation with new cars in their freemium but highly rated Real Racing 3 mobile game. They keep adding new content and cars and the game is way into its 3rd year! The same can be true of FH2.

inb4 Hellcat Posts.
I really want to know what happens after the FM6 release. I’m afraid they let FH2 slowly die after this.

Unfortunately, you can almost 100% expect that to happen. It’s how every Forza has worked before- as soon as the next one is released, no more DLC support for the previous. And when that happens, the community slowly moves from one game to the other.

I’d still like an August DLC, especially for my precious Civic, but if the past has shown us anything, it’s that radio silence= no.


I hope we get one maybe with a Sesto Elemento but only one can dream.

How somebody said earlier, all of the pack released on the first tuesday of the month - that’s true. So we must wait until that and then will ckeck it. There are still missing few cars from FH2 X360 version like '86 Honda Civic. I think there will be about 2 or 3 more packs which will give us them for daily usage :slight_smile: I don’t know how are you but I’ll buy it ! :smiley:

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Funny how threads relating to car packs always end up into a wishlist, even though the point of the thread was to know when the Car Pack would be released.

So… it’s not like there is a wishlist thread somewhere, eh?



Any from podcast today?