New ZL1 is amazing!! needs updated transmission though imo

So let me start out by saying the I LOVE the new ZL1 Camaro in the last DLC pack!

There’s only one minor gripe that I have and that’s this …

The new real life ZL1 comes with two transmission options a 6 speed manual and a brand new 10 speed auto! I personally would love it if Turn 10/Playground games would update the transmission to 10 speeds if possible as this is a very real option for the car.

Other than that I absolutely love the car and the custom hood options as well. :slight_smile:

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Either the Camaro or the Volvo 242 Turbo is my fave of the pack, I think the Camaro looks amazing and sounds incredible, I too love the hood options but I had no idea about the 10 speed transmission, that would be cool though unlikely to be added.

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The nsx has 9 i believe and thats too many.

Raptor also has like 20 gears.

Instead of these automatic trashcans l want straight cut gears with the appropriate sound.


same 10 speed in the raptor that’s in the camaro. The zl1 gets the 10speed and 6 speed option. The track zl1 1LE gets only the 6 speed option.