New wheels and exterior mods

If you’re playing the demo, pause the game and snap the help section. Under customization it says wheels and body parts have been updated! Anybody currently able to play the full game have any info they can share?

I really hope they have updated the wheel selection

It said new licensed wheels. Maybe there is hope.

From the launch trailer, it looks as if Storm Island’s rally kits are in, so there’s that at least

I think from what ive seen of other players on the game, that the ‘luxury’ style rims have made a return, you know, the stupidly heavy chrome wheels that are horrid to look at

Hope this is true. Some cars may be losing bumper and skirt options.

Here’s a video showing all the cars and then all the upgrade options (just for the subaru 22b)

What’s happened to the color selector in the paint shop - look at 13:07 in the video?

The selection menu is so tiny and hard to see… I guess if you can see the color on the car it will work out?

Good video forsure. Deffiently see some new wheels and I think those are new body parts, have to check FM5 to be sure.

This kind of sucks…we know everything before the game is even released. What’s left to suprise us?

You don’t know everything :slight_smile:

Or do we?


Looks like the Rally Engine wasn’t fixed and the PI still isn’t balanced properly based on that video, that’s literally the biggest issue with the FM5 and it’s not fixed. Damn that upsets me

Seems like we got the FH2 rims, and some new kits for some cars like the 350z that weren’t in FM5, so that’s nice at least.

I like that the color selection is a lot smaller. Now you can actually see the car.

The 350z got the nismo kit back, but in fm4 it had like 6 or 7 kits.