New VIP and community rivals

So we have a new VIP event race in the Alps in the FE Ram Runner and 2 races in our community events build an A class car on Watkins and run the Ferrari F50 Gt on Bath … but when you go to the races and select your car which it says configure a “stock” car to stock parts there’s the first problem and after you do that the screen goes black and the menu music plays indefinitely as you set there with the races not loading and you finally have to go to main menu and close the game out since there is nothing you can do to back out of the black screen. I’m sure it will get fixed but this game’s issues have become so common place I don’t know if it’s more comical or embarrassing to call it the most comprehensive game etc etc etc every time you turn it on .


Same thing here with the Ram FE and the Ferrari. Just went thru the killing app process myself on both counts.

Yup, same here on Xbox One X.

I’ve been able to not only get into these events, but set times.

What region are you in? When was the last time your console was restarted?

Yes I see you are the rival set to run against … U.S.A. and restart the console ?? I know that was a serious question but I can’t help not replying which time :slight_smile: It’s not the first time I’ve had to deal with this exact issue either … this game is becoming Darwin’s Grab-Bag … just don’t know what issue will evolve into what issue next haha

EDIT Guess I just needed to post about and the psychic connection got the message to the game gremlins and poof now it’s operational


dose the same for me too…

I just got in and this is also happening to me, just gets stuck on black screen and nothing ever happens?!

Seriously. (i’m on PC)

UPDATE: I just loaded the car in free play then downloaded someones tune on leaderboard and applied it and now it’s loading?? I don’t want to use their tune though.


I’m curious if there will be a December Bounty Hunter Challenge.

AFAIK there is a monthly Bounty Hunter challenge (mentioned in the 10 hour Forza 7 marathon Mixer stream at launch)

What i did to get past the “return to stock freeze screen” was to select the car from my garage then go to tuning…go to homogulate and then return to stock
Then go to the event and it worked first go
Did it for all the rivals that required stock tunes…otherwise got the black freeze screen