So p***d off. FINALLY got the FM7 game installed. Started my career. Game will NOT load final race of first season (hot hatch) every time I click ‘start race’ game quits and I get booted to Xbox dashboard.
I have made approx 15-20 attempts, so please don’t say ‘try again’
Also no video’s or pics are saving to .net gallery

Same thing happened for me, I got fm7, loaded up the game, went into the hot hatch race event with the '16 honda civic. As soon as I started the race, BAM, I got booted to the Xbox Dashboard. If you do any other race event like the supercar event for example, everything will work fine and no getting booted out. The problem seems to be only for the hot hatch event (correct me if i’m wrong). I guess since the game came out like 3 days ago, there are still some bugs and glitches. Still kinda hoped to race in the civic though VTEC for life.

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Alright. I’m getting really fed up with this. I’m on Xbox, and am trying to do things with the paint booth. Every time I get halfway through making a design, or editing a previous design, the game crashes to dashboard. I have to keep reload in the game and even so, I havent been able to share any more designs. I get started, start placing stickers and designs from my files and then boom. Done. Its back to the home screen. Any reason this is happening? Any else experiencing this?