New upgrade options

Is it just me or does anyone else want the option to do both turbocharge and supercharge at the same time or even take it further with methanol conversion and nitrous injection these should have been in fh5 also the option to have different front and rear rims? Let me know what everyone thinks let’s try and make this a thing in forza

Haven’t really thought about it to that crazy level but the muffler/exhaust tip changing after applying upgrades would be a nice change for starters. FM2 had this but all Forzas after that have always shown stock exhaust tips after full upgrades. Hate it - was hoping they would change this with FH5.


Think everyone wants this so don’t understand why they haven’t done it

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The more that people get together and push for things the more likely it will become available in game or possibly a future Forza

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Yeah I agree that would also be a really good addition I have seen a few people asking for that

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They can ask whatever they want, not gonna happen :stuck_out_tongue:

You never know it’s worth pushing for things that people want if nothing gets added to fh5 might become a thing in future forza games I still think pushing for twin charged engines would be great looking to get as much support as possible because who doesn’t want more power

Need some different looking aftermarket exhaust options. For example the ANSA Megafono race exhaust for the 288 GTO.

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