New Update 01-08-2015

Just turned on the Xbox, went to run Horizon 2 and I have a 480MB update. Maybe Turn 10 have finally patched up some of the issues?

When you say Xbox do you mean a 360 or a ONE?

It is mainly for the dlc on the One.

At this stage we have heard nothing about any fixes.

Right. I thought it had improved the rev-lag issue, but next time I played, it was just as bad as ever. Random luck, and nothing more. Is there an official place where we can go read up on this 480MB update?

Yeah the DLC on Xbox One has huge files. Literally like 10 times that of Xbox 360.

There should be a new Week in Review article up tomorrow which may include some details. However, as already mentioned the update was more than likely just for the latest DLC pack.

When i started using cars from the new dlc,no rev lag. Pulled out the LaFerrari and there it was,smh.