New to FORZA online!

Hey guys, i’m fairly new to the forza online world and i’m looking to really get into it and find some mature players to race and learn all the vast online features that are out there. I’ve played forza on and off for a while from forza 3 to horizon and thought it was about time to finally take it to the forums and meet some people who can help me enjoy the online experience. I’ve been a long time simulated racing fan from back in the day when NFS underground 2 came out and players found the glitch that would allow you to do free roam sigh those were the days. Games have since advanced so much and I fell off as a gamer seeing as I was a teen during that time and had too much free time. I have spare time here and there now and just really want to relive the good times on a simulated racer with cool, mature people who enjoy a nice paint job or race as much as i do. I found all this inspiration from finally buying an xbox one (the collectors edition forza xbox at that) just so that i could play the game. Hope to hear from you guy soon

Gamertag: NoteworthyMusic

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I end up quitting 9/10 races due to wreckers and noobs. Have fun!

You Quitter!!! Shame on you!! xD

Back to NoteworthyMusic : Welcome :slight_smile: Follow snow’s steps and u will find what Your lookin for.
Ore you can add my GT and we could hit the road… GT: GamerBlades

Welcome to the forums! You may hear discouraging words around this place, but you can find your own fun by checking out the various forums here, starting with: There are a lot of sane-minded people.

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Welcome. I have a post in the Racer’s Lounge looking for people interested in doing some vintage racing. I have a 1970’s Grand Prix series starting in a couple of weeks and will be firing up a Group A series early in 2016. The Group A cars are built to FIA spec (as close as I could get anyway) and are pretty easy to drive. Take a look if you get a chance. I’m always looking for some clean racers to add to the mix.

Hey, I’m only most nights and up for a bit of online racing. But like yourself, played on and off for years. I started back with forza 2… of the joys before kids hahaha. GT: Curr946