New Painter

Hi guys
I have recently taken an interest in creating designs on Forza but i don’t really know how to get started. Any tips guys?
Many Thanks

One thing you will hear in this forum is ‘It’s all about shapes’ which
is true. Take a simple shape…the square and play with colour changes,
size, spin and skew. These are essential in all designs.
Skew is one effect that can be the most useful…IMHO.
Start there.

And don’t forget about patience and never rushing your work lol.

What type of designs are you keen on making? Depends on that.

Try making simple sponsor vinyl’s like Samsung, Panasonic & Apple as I found these easy to do when I started. From there try more detailed logos to build up confidence and experience

Some useful links (taken from ABGRAPHICS’ stickied thread):


First understand what you’d like to paint.
Are you interested in crating Fantasy art or Race Paints?
Spend a bit of time looking for an image or paint that grabs your attention with a cool logo.

First time out I would say don’t pay too much attention what others are creating, many have been in the editor for years.
We all started out like you are, and are all open to helping and guiding where we can.

Pick up the editor, grab a logo from the Storefront and try to replicate it using the shapes.

Small steps, but keep posting progress via screenshots in game or photos to your gallery.

Good luck and if need any help along the way just ask