New Non-Rally kits added to cars in the update?

Hello, I’ve noticed that the Evo 8 MR has now got Varis front/side/rear skirts now, as well as the Subaru now having the Ings kit.

Has this been added in the update? As I had never seen it before.

Not sure about the non-rally kits. Which Subaru?

My Legacy RS has a glitched hood selection, it’s got six or seven options that are all variations on three appearances- with big fog lights, with pins, and without- but different stats for each one. Anybody else experiencing this?

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The 05’ Subaru, it now has a single rear bumper from INGS.

as for your Legacy RS there should be different stats as each one as they weigh different.

I was too busy enjoying…“my bug free expansion” to notice how much new stuff they applied with the update :slight_smile: