New designer

Hey everyone just done my first proper design on fh4 it’s a replica of the van from my work and our company race car
Wanna know what people think

My fh4 designs and the real thing

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Good work mate! Pretty sure folks at work won’t be able to tell screenshots from photos at first glance!

@ xDJK85x you’re off to a better start then me

Nice start mate, the Race car looks spot on :+1:t5:

Looking at the van, I think the flag placement/size needs to be adjusted a tad…

It looks to me that the red horizontal line of the cross is a little too thick and the whole flag could do with nudging down a bit so that the red, white and blue pieces are showing at the top like your source pic…

Actually it might just be a case of shrinking the whole layer group by a couple of notches and moving right and down a bit… hope that doesn’t come across as nitpicking, you’ll find the more you paint it’s the attention to those little details that can make all the difference.

Really nice. keep it up!

Cheers guys and no I don’t see it as nitpicking any info or tips of ways to improve is a massive help cheers for the feedback

Kudos on the van always a good start