Paint design beginner


I have begun making liveries

But. I’m not extremely confident.
I doubt my own skills and I can’t think of anything good out of a car, I try to replicate a livery and then I give up on it quickly. I tried to replicate Kenji’s Bushido RX-7 from Need for Speed: Carbon.

Unfortunately, I gave up due to complication such as the kanji design and such, and then I see everyone’s designs and they’re really good that I doubt I can do just as good as well.

I’m gonna make a project for a livery contest.

Wish me luck

Hey man just hang in there and don’t give up. We all started at the bottom. I would start off making simple replica for popular cars and really take your time to perfect it. If you are making logos I would recommend downloading one from the user section that looks the best and load it into your vinyl creator and use it as a reference to make your own and if it needs to be improved here in there do so. Then delete the user version you downloaded and save yours. But again the more you use editor the more you will get better.


I’ll try

But like I said I got something on my mind I can do for the another livery contest

just gotta paint for you if they like its a plus. my paints were garbage at first i kept at it now there awesome garbage LOL. i wouldnt let others discourage you from your passion. paint on

that’s the key right there. I’ve done a few that I thought would be very popular, and they’ve gone nowhere. And I’ve done some because I’ve liked the idea and they’ve been popular.

But I just passed 10k downloads, so some have worked out :slight_smile: