New design from horizon 3 wont show up in forza 7?

I had a design I liked in horizon 3 and at first it could not be imported to forza 7 because it contained a “forza horizon 3” decal, which forza 7 does not contain. So, I created a copy of my design from horizon 3, with the only difference being it does not contain that the horizon 3 logo. So after doing this, I log into to forza 7 and for some reason the new copy design doesnt show up as a importable file. Why is this?

Did u create a new file or did u edit the already imported design? It must be a new one, otherwise it can’t be imported again.

I created a new file. Idk how to edit a design and save it without creating a copy in horizon 3.

so once you imported designs from horizon 3 to forza 7 you cant import other designs again?

You can’t import a design twice, even if it’s edited. A copy of the same livery should work.

However, you can delete the copy in FM7 then reimport the FH3 design. I’ve done that a few times myself, usually because there’s a Horizon specific vinyl or I’ve made a change. Note also that some manufacturer decals change between programs so check your design after import if you have any manufacturer decals … and also there are a few cars that aren’t completely mapped the same between programs so your design can get moved around (one of the Scoobies did this).

How do you delete from forza 7? when i go to my catalog I cant find the option

To delete a livery, go to My Designs under Paint Car and you’ll have the option to delete a design. However, if you’re currently using the car with the design you want to delete, you’ll be unable to do so unless you Erase Paint/Decals in Paint Car mode first. To import the same design into FM7 from FH3 a second time, just rename the original design in FH3 first.

Quickest and easiest way to delete the livery if you’re in that car is simply get in a different car and then delete from My Designs.

Ok i made a copy but it wont show up for some reason. Just in case, I did a test design on a new car in horizon 3 (which is also in forza 7) and it seems despite making this new design on the new car, it wont show up on forza 7. I’m guessing maybe I took up the max amount of slots allowed for importing designs from game to game?

Ok I found out my problem, it had to with the cloud not being updated or something. I have pc version of both horizon 3 and forza 7, and apparently you have to rename or delete a folder in order to update cloud data from horizon 3 for forza 7. Here is original thread if anyone on pc has this issue: