Never received the Team Forza MX-5 for pre-ordering

I pre ordered the Limited Edition XBOX Forza 6 Console with digital game card. You were to receive the Team Forza MX-5 for preordering a digital bundle. The car is not in my free list like the 10 year anniversary cars, not in the Gifts section and is shown on the Xbox store but just says it is a bundle item. Anyone have this problem or have you even received the Car?

Ours arrived fine - it was in the Buy Cars / Free Cars tab along with the 10 year anniversary cars. Only 8 of the anniversary cars appeared initially (on first wide release day) but they all appeared eventually and are now in the game “garage”.

Have you made sure that the car is downloaded, by going to the Forza 6 game management ?
Mine didn’t download automaticly when I installed the game.

The Team Forza MX-5 was for digital pre orders of the game, your pre order was for the console. When you redeemed the game code it didn’t count as a pre order because the game had already been launched.

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