Never received promo code for the ford gt le mans car

been checking the messages, no code sent. waiting the 7 days hoping something would come, nothing. any help would be appreciated.

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Did you look in the correct message box…
It gets sent to your xbox live message box not forzas

same problem

gamertag “Raditzki”

in both message box’s no code

the same with the cryslus rocket, no code

Same thing is happening to me OP except I got my crysuls rocket just not my Le Mans ford gt

Is it too late to get this car? I started playing this again a few days ago, and I am really hyped for this car!!

I’m also still missing my Ford GT code.



i have also not recieved any type of message with any type of code. is there a fix?

Also i never received the code.

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Thank You

Maybe contact xbox support since they send the codes not turn 10
They come in your xbox live messages from xbox

Just got off chat support and I have reassuring news. The promotion ends on the 19th, so expect the code within the next few days.

i just got off chat support, and the guy seemed to have no clue. sent me a link to promotions department that didn’t work.

Xbox support forum, received a code from there. Publicly thanking them for it. If you need a code, that’s where you’ll get it.

Where did you go to get the code? Xbox support sent me here

Xbox support forum

only xbox support can send the codes as they were sent by xbox to begin with

still not had promo code for this car
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please send code [Mod Edit - D]

Same problem

Your best bet now will be to buy it. Try the in-game Marketplace first. If that gives hassles [sometimes just hang], go to the main screen and then to XB store and search for Forza 6 and the car and buy it for $2.99. Have a look here -…-gt-le-mans

Hope this helps.


never received code

Contact xbox support
It was sent by xbox not turn 10 a few months ago
If it was sent it would be in your xbox messages…not in game

Theres actually a xbox support thread on the xbox support forum just for this issue