Neeed help - Meguiar's Car Pack - Unable to download 8 out of 10 cars

I’ve got an issue downloading the last car pack. Got the LE and the car-pass. The car pack itself is installed and the cars are available in the store,
but only 2 out of ten cars are completly downloaded. The other 8 cars are showning the download-arrow, but the download is stucked and
won’t finish. I’ve called MS-support already, but their instructions didn’t helped. They told me to erase the cash restart with holding the
power button for 15sec and deleting and reentering my gamertag on the box. That doesn’t fix the problem. Any idea ?

You’ve got to delete and reinstall Forza, it seems to be the only way. Unfortunately we can’t just delete the individual packs and re-download them like we used to be able to :frowning:


I had the same issue and here is what I did. Cold reboot did not work Uninstalling add-on packs and re-installing did not work finally,out of desperation I uninstalled the game and started the re-install Sunday night by now I should be around 60-65. So far so good,the lotus cortina is done installing when before it was stuck on 21. The key is to leave your. System alone and don’t interrupt the installation. Got to have a lot of patience hope this helps

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Man I’ve feared that … think i’ll leave it the way it is, maybe the next update helps. Thanks for your answers.

With the installation of the latest car pack the previous one works fine now too. All cars are available.

I have the same issue with some cars from latest june car pack. In fact, the only car I could use for this pack is the Corvette Stingray

I already did a FM5 reinstall last month due to sound issues.
The Xbox1 game update process is not the most reliable and updates size are huge :frowning: