Need serious help with wheel setup

OK, I admit defeat. I bought a Thrustmaster TMX a few weeks ago, and in every other game – Project Cars 1 and 2, Assetto Corsa, Dirt 4, Forza 6 Apex, F1 2017,, heck even The Crew and Euro Truck Simulator – the default settings more or less worked and it improved the experience no end. Horizon 3? I can’t even drive in a straight line. The slightest movement of the wheel sends me veering off, and any attempt to correct it results in wild fishtailing and inevitable doom. Even turning the sensitivity down to 0 doesn’t help; once I’ve got a bit of a wobble on that’s it. It’s unplayable.

So, what am I doing wrong? Given that I have no problems with any other game using the wheel, and I’m fine with Horizon 3 with a controller, I’m ruling out it being a case of me just needing to git gud, so there’s either an obvious setting I’m missing or something deeply broken with the game. Hopefully I can get it sorted as this is the only decent open-world driving game I have, and sometimes I just want to hoon around the open roads rather than actually compete in anything…

Give this thread a try:

I don’t use a wheel myself at the moment, but I’ve put a couple friends onto this thread who needed help setting up their wheel, and they said it was very helpful. You may have to fiddle a little bit to find what works best for you, but this is a good place to start.

I hope you can get your issues sorted :+1::blush:

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Thanks; hopefully one of the setups in there will work – Horizon is the only game I have where the wheel is worse than the controller. (That said, I have become addicted to Euro Truck Simulator now so Horizon may not get much of a look in!)

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I tried to no end to be able to race with my Logitech G29. But seeing as Forza does not recognize it I could not even get it close to being useful. This is the only racing game I know of that does not support your standard steering wheel setups. it really is a shame. I race exclusively on Xbox now with a controller.

Are you trying to use the G29 with your Xbox, or with a PC?

If Xbox, I assume you’re using a Mayflash adapter?

I think this is because you are trying to use the PS3/PS4 version of the wheel on your xbox, of course it is not going to recognise it! I would suggest returning the G29 and swapping it for a G920 if that’s possible. I have the G920, and it works great with FH3.

hope this helps



I had that issue initially too, with my G29 wheel.

I tweaked a setup someone else posted, and now I’m able to drive pretty well, the car doesn’t spin out all the time, and I’m even able to drift well. This setup should work well with a Thurstmaster TX as well as a Logitech G29 / G920.

Rotation - 900 degrees

Steering - Normal

Steering axis dead zone inside - 0
Outside - 100
Steering linearity - 40 (Keeps the car from feeling too twitchy, wanting to fishtail at the slightest turn of the wheel)

(The below are a matter of taste, depending on how strong your wheel’s force feedback is)
Vibration scale - 50
FF scale - 70

(I honestly don’t know what the below do, someone else recommended them, and they feel pretty good)
Understeer - 35
Min force - 35
Damper scale - 140
Center spring scale - 90