NC's Paints - Released: Zakspeed Gold Leaf Team Capri

After a (very) long absence from Forza, I’m pleased to say I’ve picked up my copy of Horizon 3 and I’m getting that paint bug again.

So far it’s been a slow process. There are a lot of things I need to re-teach myself, but you can find my selection of paints here.

gamertag: NaughtyChemist

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Audi R8 - LB Works kit (original concept)

r8 02 by Alex, on Flick

Toyota Supra - Woodone racing livery (2003 JGTC replica)

woodone th01 by Alex, on Flickr

1973 Ford Capri RS3100 - Zakspeed Jochen Rindt tribute (inspired by Gold Leaf Team Lotus livery)

GetPhoto (3) by Alex, on Flickr

It took me long enough, but I’ve finally finished the JGTC Supra I started a month ago. On the storefront.

woodone th01 by Alex, on Flickr

woodone th03 by Alex, on Flickr

woodone th02 by Alex, on Flickr

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very clean work, I like it! (Y)

Thank You, Friex!

Supra looks nice!

Good to see you painting NC!
Love the supra, did that one in FM6 myself but kept it over there so will pick yours up!

Look forward to seeing what you come up with


Thanks for the support gentlemen. I’m really encouraged to see you guys and some other names I recognize from the FM2 - FM4 era.
The paints are slow-going, but at least I’ve managed to get a few logos together now. Thanks again for stopping by!

That supra is lovely, great job​:+1::+1:

Back with a couple of cars I’ve been (slowly) working on. I don’t know, I must be in a Ford kind of mood lately

This is in the late stages of being finished.

Based on a livery from a Lotus 49, I found a model of it transplanted to a Zakspeed Ford Capri.

Racer-Sideways-Gold-Leaf-Capri-SWCHC02 by Alex, on Flickr

So naturally I transplanted it to a regular Ford Capri

capri1 by Alex, on Flickr

capri2 by Alex, on Flickr

This is a ways away, but I wanted to try putting a Rothmans-style racing livery on a Raptor. The placard is just a placeholder, and I’m still working on the arrangements for the sponsors.

raptor2 by Alex, on Flickr

Raptor1 by Alex, on Flickr

This is the source material.

rothmans_rally_mark_2_escort_rs1800_by_willie_j-d4rsy2c by Alex, on Flickr

I’m still very open to suggestions on this one.

I managed a few tweaks on the Rothmans-inspired Raptor, I think this one is about ready to be released.

GetPhoto (2) by Alex, on Flickr

GetPhoto (1) by Alex, on Flickr

The Ford Capri has also been finalized and shared on the storefront. I’ll get a few pictures of that one together soon.

With a few larger tweaks, I’ve got the Gold Leaf Team Ford finished and released.

GetPhoto (3) by Alex, on Flickr

GetPhoto (4) by Alex, on Flickr

GetPhoto (5) by Alex, on Flickr

Search terms: Zakspeed, Jochen Rindt

Thanks for looking!