My work so far on fm6 update V1

hi to all forza fans and players

part 1 of this post is : work for forza 6 its all NEW and not a poort from fm5
part 2 is paints from forza 5 but on a other car and a new design
part 3 is the paints iv just imported form forza 5

so now u know lol
enjoy racing painting and tuning guys !!!

first to show my INFINITY paints

INFINITY : spiderman


INFINITY :the incredibles

INFINITY : captain america

this one i made on fm3 and 4 : Pringles … i like mine hot and spicy

this is a replica of and driftcar made for my team m8 AOT mookie

just a nice clean paint job ( the GT logo i made whas the most work lol )

just to have a paint on this car

i love this car !!! inspired by 1995 F1 WC Jaques Villenueuve

what a nice looking car this is ( not talking about the paint ) lol

hmmm uhhh nothing to say about this car lol

so on every forza ill make a axe deoderant car … but for fm6 i made a special one … made in fm2 style ( painted on the car )

made for a twitch follower

this on iv made for the new carpack

this on iv made for the new carpack

thats it for part one … later ill update here for part 2

PART 2 fm5 paints on a new car

here we go !!! lol


this one i love … pacman must be painted on every forza … i still love that game

imported from fh2 and transformed it from mobil 1 to castrol

racing replica on the old miata on this new miata

my fm5 traxxas paint still missing my E-REVO

My Tom Coronel on a BMW M2

so glad that t10 gave me back the alfa 155

my favorit snack

this week ill do a next update

cheers TT


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Well all I can say is wow… Some really nice designs !!

Are they all on the sharefront.?

Keep up the good work

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yes all shared … enjoy

Not bad at all broskee. The Avensis is my fav

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A very nice lineup you have here… The Infinity paints are especially well put together.

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great line up of designs, really like the Wedssport Toyota

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That Avensis is my favorite as well. All are amazing though, be they fantasy or race. Your designs run the gamut, quite the jack of all trades. I look forward to more epic paints!

Nice - some great designs there. The GT looks great for all its ‘simplicity’ and the Infinity paints are top-notch.

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Awesome work Taggin, really like those infinity cars and the honda looks slick!!!

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thnx m8, iv seen ur starwars paints … sick and slick great work

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Love the WedsSport car!

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Yeah!! I Tagging.
I who await your return with impatience !! I glad your presence :wink:
your designs “Infinity” are amazing, well done my friend.
I settle here.

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thnx m8 glad u like them … it means alot that painters with great skills like my work


Some really great paints in here Tagging, you’ve been busy lad. My favourite so far has to be the incredibles one but they all look really good, keep it up.

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Really like the old Volvo simple and clean. Nice work#

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All I can say is I Love These.
Really like the Deadpool one.

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Nice work all around. I used many of your paints in FM5. Glad you transitioned to FM6

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wow… some really cool cars in here Tagging, I especially dig your latest infinity paints!

i’m gonna have to go shopping tonight :slight_smile:

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thank u all for ur comment on my paints ,
just love this foza 6

ill update soon hope u check them out

cheers TT

many awesome designs here! that Ford GT is beautiful! Wedsport Avensis too! and the Pacman is super funny!

and i think i found a paint for my Infinity :wink: