My Wishlist/Fixes/Rant/Etc List for FH5

I’m new here, so if there is a specific place I’m supposed to put this list, I apologize. I posted this list on the r/ForzaHorizon reddit page and got little discussion out of it. So now i’m here. Please give some insight on my list and maybe some of your own ideas as well.

*Tell us what the stock engine is in the “engine swap” menu. (Ex. Stock Powertrain - 2.0L I4)
*Tell us what the stock transmission is in the “transmission” menu (Ex. Stock transmission - 6speed)
*Show us which designs and vinyl groups are being downloaded in your Creative Hub
*Add a “Followed Creator” tab for the applying vinyls menu. Following a creator has no function currently.
*Add more OEM wheel options
*Making the sand dunes more difficult to traverse (ex. You should not be able to climb sand dunes or cross the entire baja in a Peel P50, it would get stuck immediately. Same goes for half the non-off-road vehicles)
*Lightbars should actually emit more light (they do not emit any light)
*Having more Forza Link slots. They made a hundred of them, but you can only assign 2. Doesnt make sense
*Making the engine sound levels higher. Some cars are too quiet (even with fully upgraded exhaust). The LFA and Porsche Carrera GT are perfect examples.
*Actually fixing the engine sounds
*Allowing any player in a Convoy to start an event
*Get rid of Anna. Nobody uses it, or replace it with a “id like to pass” feature. Not sure exactly how this would work, maybe an indicator appears above the car. Could potentially reduce teammate cut offs and collisions in races
*Visuals seem off. Everything feels like sunlight is way too bright/oversaturated
*Allowing vinyls to be added to a car without erasing the stock vinyls (ex. Jeep Trailcat erases all stock vinyls when you try to add anything to it)
*Being able to turn headlights on and off
*Add the number of cars you own to the “My Cars” menu
*Ability to create vinyl packs, where players who download the pack can “ungroup” them and move them freely (idea credit goes to u/analisajoy2)
*Ability to adjust the lighting in the Forzavista room. There is way too much glare when trying to apply vinyls (idea credit goes to u/analisajoy2)

*C7.R widebody for the Z06 because I doubt we will get the C7.R in Forza Motorsports 8 or give us the C7.R in FM8…please, im begging you devs.

*Fix controller mapping. You still cannot make a custom mapping where “Anna” is not assigned
*Fix/Improve Launch Control. It needs to function more like it does IRL, where it prevents the car from spinning its tires on launch.
*Fix the tire screeching on dirt/sand

My Ideas for Game Features

  • Ride Along feature in your convoy. Only with convoy members and vehicles could only hold as many passengers as car has seats. Think GTA5


  • None of this will get addressed/fixed/added
  • FH6 prediction: it will be somewhere in Asia, most likely Japan.
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I like basically all of what you’ve got here, but assuming they lined all the legitimate “fixeS” that needed to happen and just started tackling them, pretty much all of these would be near the back of the line somewhere, which sucks, because these would be good changes too, just so much more “big picture” things they could be knocking out (IMO), but clearly that’s not something they’re doing anyway… so it’s a moot point.

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I feel like the bugs they need to fix currently shouldnt be too hard. They didnt seem to have these issues with FH4 (though I could be wrong. I was very late to that game). A lot of what I have on my list are “quality of life” type changes. If they stopped worrying about giving us mediocre, recycled cars from FH4 and just got down to business, these changes could make it.

Well that’s the kicker now isn’t it? This is why most get so mad about bugs that impact them is because they really aren’t super difficult at all, often times they’re quite easy, it’s just that they have no desire to do them, for whatever reason… we could certainly speculate all day. That’s the world we live in unfortunately, I have a list a mile long of features that would be SO nice for this game that will never see the light of day :frowning: I’m 3 lines into a “response” and I’ve really said nothing meaningful, hopefully what I’m trying to say kind of makes sense.

Did it include every way for getting a super wheelspin?