Forza Horizon 5 Tweaks

Hello there,i come with a few suggestions that i think they’ll make the game even better than it already is.To start off,we all do enjoyed the 2000 when we were goofying arround pretending to be a street racer in NFS Underground,anyhow these times are gone and to be fair,i don’t want them back,this game has a good balance between arcady/sim ,however i do feel that a few implementations might make the game great for all the players.

1.Better Launch Control ( we all know the Launch control that we have is actually not a LC…You can only do it properly with an AWD Car,RWD cars will spin the wheels like crazy off the line.Launch Control is supposed to control the slip of the tyres as well.
2.We do have Tyre Temperature being shown in the telemetry,but i feel like tyre temperature has no effect on the grip what’s so ever.might be wrong here. Putting the power down much better when lanching the car
3.Adding a Timer that can time your 0-100km/h , quarter mile and so on :slight_smile:
4. Maybe a sticky drag strip

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RWD wheel spin in forza it’s kinda exaggerated. For high power builds yes it might be like that but for regular RWD cars , launch shouldnt be that slow or unpredictable. On other surfaces except tarmac i could accept it. You can change this by working on the gears and tuning but still.

Tyre temparatures seems to be important under stress like cornering and breaking. I can feel the lack of grip sometimes. Type temperatures and pressure matter. Not sure how much.
When you look for tunes there is a 0-100 stat there. Also there should be one in the tuning menu.

Over all i feel RWD might have chance in FH5. Also AI seems dumb when in RWD car. Just an observation. :slight_smile:

If they could just make the first 60’ sticky on the drag strip, that would help a lot. I like the idea of a timer, something similar to the Dragy GPS would be nice.

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exactly :slight_smile: . I appreciate the game showing me this in the tunning menu,but i want to test out myself