Things that should have been in FH4 but now like to see in FH5


First of all, I’m new here and if I have posted in the wrong section so apologies please!

I have a list of few things that I think FH4 seriously missing and would love to have them.

  • Tiger/Free Camera Mode and Better Replay Camera modes and option to open/close doors, trunk, hood, remove tops etc
  • Better Car Sounds and more Customization especially for JDMs such as ability to apply decals to windows and screens, change interior colors
  • Better Quality Textures for Custom Liveries/Decals (if you notice they are quiet pixelated when zoomed in unlike the one’s we have from the Developers i.e. Formula Drift Pack) and the Shadows and some reflections are just eeewww.
  • Better Tree Textures, Water ripples and up-scaling resolution (multiplier), realistic smoke, improved and especially the under-carriage of the vehicles.
  • Integration of Music

What do you think guys? I Love FH4 and been playing it non-stop from months but it could have been more better so what you have in mind?

Custom championships.

Seems I didn’t bang the drum on that loud enough or often enough. Playlist was nice (and I would like to keep it with some minor edits moving forward) but it doesn’t compete with the custom championships from Forza Horizon 3 when it comes to an infinitely replayable endgame.

I want

1/ An easier way to switch between Manual and Automatic.
2/ A car panel background in the Vinyl Editor to add metal effects to for masking tests.
3/ The colours in the auction to match the real colours of the cars.
4/ Forza Edition is a skill that you can add to any car.
5/ The glass shouldn’t damage during damage.
6/ Ai that skids the same as a regular player.
7/ Colour coded names above cars for rank
8/ Wider drifting tracks.
9/ Game doesn’t reset you too quickly in a roll.
10/ Car shows for Vinyls.

Gonna quote you here, because I have a feeling the mods might merge this with one of the pinned threads.

I’ve got a few ideas that I’ve had over the years that might be fun or useful. Or both.

Spectator mode with different camera angles, and a better interface to switch between them. So that people who aren’t necessarily racing themselves can watch others. Maybe bring a drone mode too. That can be used by something like the youtubers out there who host races, and need to be a participant in the race to see anything, and then only from the player perspective.

Passenger/co-pilot mode. So that another player can be a passenger, and come along with you. Maybe even do something useful, like pay attention to the map and navigate, or watch the telemetry. On longer endurance races, maybe you could switch places with them midway.

Maybe some team aspects could be added, like having a mechanic whose job it is to review past races and tweak your setup for you, or do something on a pit stop that will help if they get it right, but could mess you up if they get it wrong. That idea might be better for Motorsport, but could work in Horizon too.

The ability to get out of your car and walk around as your character, like at a car meet, or around the festival. Or around these elaborate mansions that we keep buying. I know they said they thought about doing this, and decided against it, because they wanted to focus on driving. But I think development time was a factor in that decision too. But you could have a ‘floor’ area, where you walk around and look at each other’s cars, ‘lounge’ area, where you can interact with other players who happen to be in the same area. And a ‘Garage’ area, where you can see cars being worked on, and such. Really just add to the whole atmosphere.

Perhaps even let players walk around the map, or go into the ‘out of bounds’ areas that you currently can’t with your cars. Go into certain shops, or at least get a closer look at some of the details. This could help to solve the problem of how the town looks like a zombie apocalypse all the time. If you see other players and NPCs walking around the streets, it’ll look more populated. You could ghost them, so they don’t get run over.

My long-shot ‘pie in the sky’ idea would be to have a companion mobile app that you could log into separately, and do things like check messages, claim or refresh auction house postings, maybe do some wheelspins, or maybe even tweak your tunes or character costumes without having to launch the whole game. And maybe have a built-in dashboard display that receives the UDP stream to show you your telemetry at a glance.

That too. I miss that.

Maybe the ability to share your championships with friends or clubs. Or put one of our many duplicate cars up as a prize for whoever gets the best time, or highest score or whatever. I usually try to get rid of dupes at action, but the ability to give them away, or offer them up as prizes would be nice.


These are some really refreshing ideas Peregrine57 (Thumbs Up)… Yes I almost forgot we could have a Personal Floor/Garage we could actually but and place our favorite cars in there where can walk around or even through a Camera like in Forzavista… just imagine… you see a beautiful collection of cars sitting right there in your own personalized Floor!

Even the option to buy different floors around the City… it doesn’t actually need much of coding who already have done so much in the game it can be an update and everyone will go Crazy! Maybe a wall too in there where you can see your shields and trophies (Achievements). Having the option to buy Garages/Floors where we can store about 15 to 20 of our favorite cars.

Also I was wondering that Auction House could have been actually a lot more better if we knew more information about the vehicle we are bidding/buying out where we actually can see how much it’s driven, what perks has been already unlocked, what’s the mileage, parts spent, races won (able to see before buying) and most of all the actual Value of the vehicle was determined by the stats! For example someone is selling a brand new car which the user did not even touched and just selling it in the Auction House has a higher Value then those who have damaged, has high mileage, unlocked perks, used liveries etc.

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A) Classic Rally Cars:

Return of classic Rally cars, they should never be removed from the game, they should always be part of the game because they are icons of rally racing. The complete collection of Group A and B that made stories from the WRC world.

B) File Corruption:

I want the file corruption problem solved in Forza Horizon 5, such as an option to backup daily saved directly on the video game console, at least keeping the last 5 files, with a configuration option.

C) Cars problem paint:

Most cars have trouble painting, some serious defects in the cars, when they have a personalized body.

D) Paint car windows:

have the option of adding texture to car windows and The same car paint features for vinyl application, today this is not allowed.

E) Full view from inside the car:

Today we have a partial view of the car, it should be complete, with the two rear view mirrors of the car and the middle rear view, many cars are impossible to play with this option inside the car.

F) Police and Thief Appeal:

It would be fun this type of game added to Forza Horizon 5, since we have several cars with police resources.

I want to see in the next game, online mode, not discounting points when you play in this mode, in F1 do drivers lose points when they race? no, so, it doesn’t make sense for you to lose points while playing, this is the biggest frustration of the FH4 game, nor do I waste my time playing this mode, another absurd thing is the time it takes to find a server available in online mode, it should be as it was in FH3.