My way & experience to get stable FPS and frametime. Test results

Sorry for my English…May be my experience will help to someone.

I have 4070Ti and 1440p 144Hz G-Sync compatible display. All these monthes from FM8 release I tried periodically to find highest graphics settings for good amount of fps and for less stuttering.

Earlier, before 3.0 update, I used these settings: some Nvidia Freestyle filters (pressing Alt+F3 to activate GeForce Experience overlay menu) with added sharpness, clarity, contrast etc; DLSS at DLAA, FPS setting in the game as “Unlocked”; raytracing is off; shadows, cubemaps reflections, mirrors reflections, particles, car models at high; other settings at maximum; in Nvidia drivers I had “144 Hz” as refresh rate and Vsync as “set in application”. In benchmark I had about 80-85 fps as final result but with not stable fps and frametime during benchmark and races.

Recently before 3.0 I found that “Dynamic render quality” option affects fps too even when all other settings are not set to Auto. When I tried with “low” and “high” for “Dynamic render quality” I had more fps than when “Dynamic render quality” was set to “Ultra”. Before 3.0 I played at “high” for “Dynamic render quality”.

With 3.0 I tried to enable FPS setting in the game as “Unlocked (sync)”…and frametime began to be more stable. Than I set FPS as “60 fps (sync)” but FPS was 72-75 fps, not 60. Hmm…Then I understood that it’s bug because of half of 144 Hz. Game was made mainly for consoles, so it was made for TVs with 60/120 Hz…

So I set in Nvidia driver panel refresh rate as 60 Hz instead 144 Hz, and right now I have constant 60 fps in benchmark and frametime is more stable than it was with 144 Hz: with 144 Hz I had fps between 50 and 125 with many drops to 40-45 fps, but with 60 Hz I have 60 fps in benchmark…And… These 60 fps are with MAX ALL settings: “Dynamic render quality” at Ultra, DLSS at DLAA with 100% resolution, raytracing at full, quality of raytracing is full, other settings at Ultra High (where possible)…WOW!!! During racing vs 24 AIs at Nurburgring in the rain and night-to-day cycle I had stable 60 fps too…WOW!!!

So, my advice is: please make to run game at 60 fps. You need to set refresh rate of display to 60 Hz and please disable VSync in Nvidia control panel. Then you need to set “60 fps” mode in the game. It’s better than trying to play at dynamic 45+ fps with not stable frametime. If you’ll set “60 fps (sync)” in the game and/or enable Vsync in Nvidia control panel you’ll get 58 fps, not 60 even with refresh rate at 60 Hz.

With these settings my GPU % load is more than it was when I played with unlocked fps at 144 Hz. Strangely, huh?

Yeah, “cutscenes” are not at 60 fps yet but during races there’re 60 fps at 60 Hz!!! For less GPU % load you can lower graphics settings after that.

It’s more comfortable to play at constant 60 fps than to have 80-100 fps at 70% of time and 45-80 fps at 30% of time.

May be in the patch 4.0 will see “Refresh rate” in the game as option, because at current state “60 fps (sync)” doesn’t work properly on 144+ Hz display. Btw, I’ve read that people with 165 Hz displays have 82-83 fps when “sync” is enabled in the game…same “half-rate” problem.

Check screenshots with my benchmark results in 3.0 with different settings and you’ll see that 60 fps with stable frametime with max settings runs better than with unlocked fps with not max settings.

P.S. Nvidia Freestyle filters are enabled too right now. They use some GPU% too and without them FPS is bigger (with “unlocked” fps setting).

Thanks for pointing this out, but there’s no way I’m gonna limit my 144 Hz monitor to 60fps. It’s almost 2024 and not 2003. The fact they still didn’t manage to fix such severe bugs is beyond my understanding.

I hope that devs will fix something knowing such things. And constant 60 fps at ultra with rtx is better than 100 fps with drops to 40-50 at medium/high with rtx off. Let’s look closely to benchmark graphs for that.
But I’m afraid that game engine is hard to make such fixes.

This was very interesting, have to try it out!
It’s such a dumb problem that i actually believe it’s something that T10 would manage to f up

These days I’m testing playing at 144 Hz, and I set FPS lock to 60 and Vsync as “On” in Nvidia control panel for game profile. And FPS lock as 60 in the game too. Similar comfortable result.

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